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About Us

U-TURN180 is an Oregon-owned and operated small business that has been providing Oregon-specific traffic safety education courses since 2010. We are dedicated to delivering quality, Oregon-specific traffic safety education to drivers sent by their insurance company, an Oregon court or police agency, or the Oregon DMV.

The driving experience of our customers varies widely, novice to experienced drivers of all ages. We designed our website with all users in mind including accessibility, language options, and multiple device and browser capabilities.

Our company's goal is to help reduce traffic crashes, injuries, and death on Oregon roads through traffic safety education.

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Students Testimonial.

I am an admitted bad driver. I am trying to get my life together and get my license back. I was ordered to attend your course and then pay off all my fines. I really appreciate how I was treated by UTURN180 employees and instructors. You guys were awesome and really helped me feel better about myself and my situation. I am getting my license back and can finally drive to bow hunting again. THANK YOU!

  • Jonathan M.

  • Sanitation Services

Thank you for offering this class. It made an impact on me and I changed the way I drive. I am now much more aware and, as a result feel I have become a much safer driver. I feel the class reminded me of how suddenly an accident can happen and how tragic an accident can be. I often joke that I have been "scared straight", but it is true! Thank you again!!!

  • Jim R.

  • Professional Limousine Driver

I can't express in writing how much I appreciate the technical support I received. You guys really went above and beyond to help me before, during, and after I took the course. Again, thank you for providing this very important service.

  • Catherine R.

  • Not Provided

This was an EXCELLENT course and has truly changed my views, specifically on the dangers of speed and distracted driving in particular. Thank You!

  • Michelle R.

  • Communications

The most valuable public safety course I have taken. Really changed my point of view on a number of issues. Thank you.

  • Mark M.

  • Transporation Engineer

As a safety professional, I was really impressed with the quality of the material and ease in navigating.

  • Shelly M.

  • Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my online course from my smart phone?

Yes, your course can be accessed and completed on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. This includes a Chromebook.

Do I have to finish my online course in one sitting?

No. The course is self paced. You can log out and back in at your convenience. Your progress will be saved.

What Internet Browsers do you support?

Supported Browsers; Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft nor UTurn180.

What Operating Systems do you support?

Supported Operating Systems; Windows, MAC, Android, IOS

How do I get a copy of my completion certificate?

Upon completion, your certificate will be available in your course dashboard. You can choose to send a copy to your email, view, save or print your certificate. If your completion deadline has passed and you need a copy of your certificate, please email support and we will send you another copy.

What does "Deadline Expired" mean when I try to log in?

The Deadline Expired message when you are trying to log in means the course completion deadline you entered during registration has passed. If you need to request more time to complete your course please contact the court directly, all deadline extension requests must be approved by the court. If you are receiving the Deadline Expired message, but you still have time to complete your course, please contact us and we can update your account immediately.

Where do I find my account on a mobile device or tablet?

On mobile devices and tablets, the page menu is beneath the three-vertical-lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, tap it to reveal the menu drop-down. If you see your First and Last Name, you are already logged in. Click the + sign to access your course. If you see the word, LOGIN, click it and enter your email address and password.

Why is your site not working on my device?

We use industry leading software solutions to deliver fast and secure web content to your devices. You may experience issues interacting with our site if you are not fully up-to-date, so please ensure that your device is current!

Why is the registration form or checkout page not allowing me to type in the fields?

Check if your operating system and/or web browser are current and up to date. An outdated operating system and/or web browser can lead to a variety of issues. This has specifically been an issue with outdated versions of Kindles and the Samsung browser. If you run into this problem, you can either update your current device/browser or try one of the supported browser listed (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Please give us a call or email us if we can help further with your registration.

When will classroom courses be offered again?

We are closely monitoring Oregon's COVID-19 safety guidelines. Communications are in place on a monthly basis with the facilities we were previously using to determine an appropriate and safe time to offer classroom courses again.

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