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U-TURN180 is an Oregon-owned and operated small business that has been providing Oregon-specific traffic safety education courses since 2010.  We are dedicated to delivering quality, Oregon-specific traffic safety education to drivers sent by their insurance company, an Oregon court or police agency, or the Oregon DMV. 

The driving experience of our customers varies widely, from novice to experienced drivers of all ages. We designed our website with all users in mind, including accessibility, language options, and multiple device and browser capabilities.

Our goal is to help reduce traffic crashes, injuries, and preventable deaths on Oregon roads through traffic safety education.

We are certified as an Emerging Small Business, through the State of Oregon office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID).





Danah is the Chief Executive Officer of U-TURN180. Her background is primarily in court operations and administration with 12 years’ experience in Oregon courts, serving as Court Administrator in an Oregon Municipal Court for 10 of those years. Danah has extensive knowledge of the procedures and processes of the Oregon court system. She also served as a Board Vice President for the Oregon Association of Court Administrators (OACA).

Steve is the Chief Information and Operations Officer for U-TURN180. Steve retired after 20 years from Law Enforcement and Judicial Programs Manager for the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. He was the architect of several technological innovations that help reduce fatal and injury traffic crashes on Oregon roads, receiving a prestigious National award from GHSA for his multi-year efforts. Additionally, Steve spent 10 years and thousands of hours serving his community as Deputy Sheriff (Solo Res.), retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. He has committed his entire professional life to Oregon highway safety.

Larry is the Chief Financial Officer for U-TURN180. As a lifelong traffic safety educator and advocate, Larry has achieved incredible, life-saving success through the development of innovative programs in Oregon and abroad. He is a 21 year veteran of traffic safety program development as Roadway Safety Program manager for Oregon’s Transportation Safety Division and as a trainer and training program developer in the private sector. Larry brought “Give Em a Brake” to Oregon.

John is the Chief Training Officer for U-TURN180. He is a 35 year veteran of law enforcement. He retired as a Lieutenant over the Advanced Traffic Safety Training Section for the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, was a certified instructor in SFST, Drug Recognition Expert, Radar/Lidar, and Crash Investigations. In 1999, he was selected for a one-year assignment at NHTSA in Washington, DC.

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