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Personal Information, Privacy, Payment Security, Refund Policy, Credit Card Disputes and Curriculum Disclaimer: 

Personal Information and Privacy:
Any personal information we receive will be used to support your experience throughout this website and is stored in your user profile dashboard, accessible by either email/password or SMS two-factor smartphone authentication option chosen during registration.  The only entity with access to your course completion information is the specific court that sent you to verify course attendance and compliance.  We DO NOT sell or otherwise use your registration information, email, or phone number for any other purpose than to support your experience on our website and provide completion proof to the court that sent you. 

Removing your personal information from our database:  To request the removal of your personally identifying information (PII), send us a request via email to support@uturn180.com.   After we confirm that your completion certificate has been delivered to the court, we will reply back and confirm PII data removal from our system.

Payment Security (Credit/Debit card information is not saved or stored):

We DO NOT store or save credit card information for any reason.  As such, it can never be used for a future purchase.  We DO NOT have any recurring subscription services.

Upon secure checkout and payment, your credit card number, expiration, and CVV code disappear, are deleted, and are never saved in our system.

Refund Policy 
If you have paid for a course that you don’t need or you purchased the wrong course and need reassignment, send us an email, and we'll handle it and reply back quickly.

  • We will refund the total amount if you have not started or completed the course.
  • If you selected or attended the wrong course (and need to change to a different course), we will give you full credit for the course you paid for toward the price of the new course.
  • If the new course is less expensive, we will refund the difference.  

Credit Card Disputes or Payment Questions:  If you have a payment issue or concern, please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone.  Any issue is handled as a top priority, seven days a week.

Curriculum Disclaimer 
U-TURN180, LLC has compiled the information in these courses from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. We are not attorneys, and none of the Oregon law references in any of our courses are to be construed as providing legal advice.  We assume no liability or responsibility for the application of the information and guidance delivered as a part of this course. Correct use of this information is the sole responsibility of the customer/attendee.  In certain driving situations, added safety measures may be needed to supplement the information provided. If you have questions or do not agree with some element of these terms and conditions, please email us at support@uturn180.com

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