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In order to see & register for available classroom or online courses..

You must click register above which is the first step of the registration process.  The system will analyze the court or agency that sent you and the class types that the court / entity allows us to provide.

If you are required to attend and complete a Distracted Driving Classroom or Online Course, you must choose the correct check box on the registration form to indicate that you received a citation for ORS 811.507 (the statute covering Oregons cell phone / distracted driving law).  ONLY those with traffic tickets for Cell Phone / Texting while driving can attend the Distracted Driving courses, approved through the Oregon Department of Transportation.

This Distracted Driving Class completion is ONLY applicable to Distracted Driving Citations.  If you did not recieve a citation for that offiense, please choose our regular Online or Classroom Course which is approved for all other offense types.

You should only be presented with class types that the court/entity allows us to provide to you and you should not be able to register for classes that are FULL or past the DEADLINE date you chose during the registration process.


Welcome to Oregon’s Traffic Safety Education Company

Welcome to U-TURN180, a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to reducing traffic crashes, injury and death on Oregon’s roadways, primarily through education of Oregon drivers, developing lasting partnerships with Oregon courts, Oregon police agencies, insurance companies and many other highway safety organizations.

We have assembled a TEAM of dedicated, experienced highway safety practitioners that represent highway safety, traffic law enforcement and statewide police education and the Oregon court system.

Our team, with over 100 years of law enforcement and highway safety experience, has worked tirelessly throughout our careers trying to save lives on OREGON roadways.  Many of our team have received prestigious local, state and national awards our life-saving efforts.

To learn more about our team, continue reading or, you may check-out the About Us section of our site.

Turning Bad Driving Choices Around

U-TURN180 really is “Where Change Begins”.  We are fully invested in ensuring you receive a quality traffic safety education.  Our families drive the same roads as yours.  We are part of your community.  We live here, we work here, we shop here and invest in local small businesses, providing jobs and help to keep our community safe and strong!

We Know Oregon Traffic Law

When’s the last time you read the Oregon Driver Manual?  Did you know that laws can change every year and the manual is reprinted with new laws and updates to existing laws that YOU are required to know and follow?  Every one of our classes includes Oregon Traffic Law Updates.

“Great information”

“Very informative; glad I came.”
Bette Brumback

 “This class was educational and helpful in learning road safety and laws.”
Hailey Lofdahl 

“Instructor Peterson was great and very informative.”

“Course showed what affects and how driving is impacted by my choices.”

“Good instructor who showed his experience and good use of video to keep focus”

“Easy to follow.  I appreciate the use of humor, I learned a lot and can you please add sex to the list of distractions”

“I am really careful but I still found the class interesting and learned a few things.”

“Great real life examples; easy to comprehend; nice pace and personable; great eye contact”

“He was a really good instructor.  He was very engaging and made the class interesting.  I definitely learned a lot!”

Really Great Stuff.
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